Introductions and Teasers

Welcome to the MODEL TOWN home page, where all updates related to projects belonging to MODEL TOWN– comics, short stories, music or otherwise– will be posted!

Thank you for taking interest in an indie writer like me! You are so~ooo good looking.

Within the next two weeks I’ll be printing up my first comic: The Guardian of the Forest. I wrote the script, the insanely skilled Diana Naneva illustrated the comic ( and the comic rockstar Danny Djeljosevic ( did the lettering. The Guardian of the Forest is a supernatural tale of retribution and inevitability that asks “What is a guardian of the forest without a forest?” Here’s a sneak preview of said comic and some concept art:

1-1 - Copy 1-2characters - Copy

Look forward to more updates soon about where you can obtain Guardian of the Forest! And while you’re waiting, go check out my personal blog to read some of my other work!