WonderCon 2017

WonderCon is the only con I’ve ever attended. In 2015 I decided, more or less on a whim, to go with my girlfriend and two of my best friends. We only bought tickets¬†for one day and were arguably more excited to go to Disneyland the next day.¬† Despite this, we had a surprising amount of fun and I was enamored with how intimate the experience felt. I’d never stood across a table from people whose work I regularly consumed and admired, or been to a panel and listened to professionals discuss… well… anything. I’d never felt more connected to the comic industry, and was feeling inspired. It was thanks to this con that I had the courage to ask writer, letterer and friend Danny Djeljosevic about writing my comic, and he directed me to the wonderfully talented artist Diana Naneva.

The next year we opted to go again, and for all three days this time. I was riding the high of having my comic accepted and published by Comixology and was anxious to keep up the momentum. The event was a bit more tumultuous (due in part to a misread airbnb listing and an impromptu visit to Bar Sinister to see my favorite Makeup Artist/Gamer/Amazing Person Misti Dawn) and three straight days of con-ning proved to be far more taxing than expected, but I lived for the experience! I met some artists I idolized, made some new friends, like the indomitable, inimitable Victoria Gedvillas, and tried to gather as much information as possible.

So that brings us to this past weekend, my third Wondercon. This year I had decided to step up my game. Instead of just showing up as an excited face in the crowd, I was going to be a real presence, replete with proper con accouterments: business cards and cosplay! Armed with physical manifestations of my business and various cosplay vests I felt twice as encouraged to speak to with artists and writers alike, and barring a mishap where I almost dismantled the display of Yoshi Yoshitani, whose work I absolutely loved (and who I was apparently following already on twitter–wild right?), I think it was a fairly successful con, so gaze upon some photos of my first ever cosplays, and visit my twitter and instagram to see some of the beautiful illustrations I picked up!